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1. How long have you been in business?
Dave: Almost 25 years! We have extensive experience in radio, nightclubs and

2. Will I know who my DJ will be?
Dave: With us, you will know who your DJ will be and it will be written on the

3. What do you have for backup equipment?
Dave: We bring backups for all equipment and music to all events!

4. What happens if the DJ gets sick?
Dave: We offer an emergency network of top DJ’s through the ADJA (American Disc
Jockey Association).

5. What style or personality do you bring to an event?
Dave: We provide a custom package. This means that you can determine the energy
level, announcements, activities and types of music provided by your DJ.

6. When do you arrive at our event?
Dave: It’s our policy to arrive at least one hour prior to the start of your event.

7. Do you have insurance?
Dave: Yes. We have a full $1MM liability coverage through the ADJA’s broker, N.V.

8. What types of equipment do you use?
Dave: We use state-of-the-art, digital equipment; self-powered speakers,
professional mics, and studio-quality mixer to ensure that you get the cleanest
sound quality.

9. What is the extent of your music collection?
Dave: We bring over 50,000 songs to every event. The library includes music from
every era and genre.

10. What other services do you provide beyond playing music?
Dave: In addition to the DJ, we provide master of ceremonies (MC) services,
on-line music/activity consultation to help you build your program, and total event
coordination on your special day!

11. What makes you different from other DJ services?
Dave: In a word, experience! We have experience doing over 1200 events since 1985!
In addition, we have radio, club and music production skills, which are used at
every event that we do.

12. Can you provide references?
Dave: Absolutely! Most banquet facilities know Dave Salonia and the quality of
work that he provides. In addition, we can put you in contact with recent clients.